About Us

The Education Advisory Board (EAB) provides best practice research and practical advice to leaders of academic affairs, business affairs, student affairs, advancement, continuing, online, and professional education, and community colleges across North America.

With teams of consultants and analysts dedicated to uncovering the best ideas from across higher education, our members benefit from the learning of thousands of universities nationwide, with findings tailored to their particular area of concern.

The Larger Company: A Thirty Year History of Service

The Advisory Board Company—parent company of the EAB—was established in Washington D.C., in 1979 to conduct research on any question for any organization, though the firm early on migrated to a membership model. Starting in 1983 with a single membership program for hospital CEOs, the Advisory Board now offers 14 best practice programs serving different executives across its 3,100+ health care and higher education member institutions.

Our staff of more than 1,000 full-time employees publishes 75 major studies and more than 10,000 customized research briefs each year. In addition, we host more than 150 major member meetings in cities nationwide and around the world, as well as facilitate more than 1,000 group meetings at member institutions every year. Our research reports and presentations focus on the best (and worst) management, operations, and strategy practices at health care and higher education institutions. Members benefit from adopting the best (and avoiding the worst) of the ideas from our research.