About Us

After launching in 2007, the Education Advisory Board (EAB) is now one of the largest providers of research, technology, and consulting services to colleges and universities nationwide. Through our innovative membership model, we currently partner with academic and administrative leaders at more than 600 institutions, helping them solve their most pressing problems.

Why are a growing number of colleges and universities working with EAB?

  • Our research teams are uncovering the best ideas from across higher education, allowing EAB members to benefit from the learning of thousands of universities. As we add every year to our database of thousands of best practices and case studies, the chances are EAB has the answers to the questions universities are asking.
  • Our data scientists and technology engineers are creating software solutions customized to higher education's most pressing problems. Whether it's identifying and intervening with at-risk students, or figuring out how to get better pricing on office and scientific supplies, EAB solutions provide the insights and guidance colleges and universities need to make real progress.
  • Our consultants and experts are onsite every year at hundreds of colleges and universities. Every institution is different, and EAB invests the time to understand each member's unique situation, crafting recommendations and advice that are right for them.