'Colleges are using big data to identify when students are likely to flame out'

The Advisory Board Company is pleased to announce that it has acquired GradesFirst, the leading provider of student success workflow technology, and will incorporate its functionality into EAB's Student Success Collaborative (SSC) platform.

The Student Success Collaborative platform will be the first comprehensive, one-stop student success solution on the market. GradesFirst's robust communication and case management functionality will extend the reach and impact of SSC's predictive analytics, enabling colleges and universities to see exponential gains in key student success metrics. GradesFirst's functionality will enhance SSC's core analytics by enabling advisors and other student success specialists to turn insight into outcomes through coordinated support. Colleges and universities will now have a holistic view of risk informed by both academic and behavioral inputs, rich data to measure intervention effectiveness, and best practices to support institutional transformation.

GradesFirst is a student success technology company based in Birmingham, Alabama, that helps colleges and universities engage and support at-risk students. Founded in 2006 to help promote the success of student athletes, GradesFirst has become the leading provider of communication and case management technology for advisors and other student success specialists. Over time, GradesFirst has become a trusted partner to hundreds of colleges and universities with its deep commitment to helping students succeed by facilitating strong relationships between students and those who support them: advisors, tutors, faculty, and administrators.

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