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David Attis is the managing director of strategic research with the Education Advisory Board (EAB). His studies have explored data-driven decision-making in higher education, academic program performance metrics, university budget models, managing large-scale multidisciplinary research, internationalization strategies in higher education, maximizing space utilization on campus, and the future of doctoral education.

Prior to joining the EAB, Dr. Attis was a senior director of policy studies at the Council on Competitiveness, a non-partisan organization of CEOs, university presidents, and labor leaders committed to increasing America’s economic competitiveness through innovation. He served as the deputy director of the council’s National Innovation Initiative and as a policy consultant on the National Academies’ Rising Above the Gathering Storm report. He also directed the research for the council’s flagship publication, the Competitiveness Index: Where America Stands, chaired by Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School, and performed research on the role of universities in regional economic development.

Dr. Attis also spent time as a management consultant for A.T. Kearney, both in their general consulting practice and in their global business policy council. His work included business turnarounds, strategy consulting, information systems implementation, global risk assessments, economic development, and policy analysis.

Dr. Attis holds a PhD in the history of science from Princeton University and a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Chicago. His book, Mathematics and the Making of Modern Ireland: Trinity College Dublin from Cromwell to the Celtic Tiger, was published by Docent Press in Fall of 2014.

Areas of Expertise

Academic Affairs,

David Attis

Managing Director of Strategic Research

David's Upcoming Events

Oct 4 2016

Achieving Sustainability

To meet mission priorities, institutions must achieve revenue growth. But enrollment managers are struggling to meet their institutions’ needs: population growth has slowed and students are unconvinced by the ROI of a college degree, challenging enrollment managers to increase enrollments and revenues. Progressive institutions are adapting their business models to remain competitive, leveraging the ROI focus of the market to attract and retain today’s students. This webconference will examine emerging university business models that are keeping pace with demographic trends and the "ROI Revolution" in college choice. More Register

Sep 20 2016

Competing on Value

Students and families have intensified their focus on career outcomes and return on investment (ROI) in making college choices. This focus is met with a growing number of ROI rankings and college search tools, wherein students can identify both institutions and individual academic programs based on the job outcomes of their students. The result? A swell of interest in STEM and business programs, declining enrollments in the liberal arts, and an urgent need for institutions to clarify their value propositions. This webconference will explore the challenges colleges and universities face due to the ROI revolution that is sweeping college choice. More Register

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