About Lars

Lars Waldo leads the data science team for the Student Success Collaborative. His goal is to use predictive analytics to help colleges and universities serve their students better. His work’s primary focus is on predicting the likelihood of student success and researching decisions that students and advisors can make to improve outcomes.

Prior to joining EAB, Lars worked as a data scientist in the Advisory Board Company's healthcare business. In that role, he specialized in predicting medical service need based on incomplete patient information. Before entering the world of data science, Lars was an analyst at a proprietary trading firm where he forecast supply and demand fundamentals and developed trading strategies in the natural gas market.

Lars is a graduate of Dartmouth College with a double-major in Economics and Government.

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Planning, Data-Driven University , Administration and Finance, Early Warning and Early Alert Systems, Student Retention and Success,

Lars Waldo

Principal Data Scientist

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