About Lia

As Executive Director for Marketing, Lia oversees the product marketing, demand generation, and design strategy and solutions (DSS) groups at EAB. As a marketer, Lia is passionate about developing content, communities, and experiences that help schools understand the full range of capabilities EAB can bring to bear on their challenges. In addition to leading these teams, Lia spends time thinking about EAB’s brand, writing and editing content, and partnering with her peers in the marketing, sales, and client success functions to drive growth. Lia returned to EAB in 2012, after spending time in marketing and sales operations roles at Blackboard and Presidium . Lia earned her MBA from the Darden School of Business at UVA and spent her undergraduate years (mostly waiting tables at the Tombs) at Georgetown University.

Lia Davidson

Executive Director, Marketing

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