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Welcome to the Business Affairs Forum online—your source for the latest research, expert commentary, events, tools, and more. Eab.com is the best way to get value from your membership, so you'll want to get acquainted with our site and learn to take full advantage of all it has to offer. Our team compiled the five tips below to help you do just that. Ready to get started?

First, create your eab.com account

You'll need it to access exclusive member content. Create your free account now, and share this how-to guide with your team so they can create accounts, too.

Next, subscribe for email updates

We recommend the following for all new members:

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Then catch up on our most popular research

Selecting Core Performance Metrics

You have access to all of our research publications, including the member favorites Selecting Core Performance Metrics, Efficiency and Effectiveness Initiatives, and Increasing Central Fungible Dollars.

In addition to research publications, our experts regularly weigh in on pressing issues facing university business leaders. Browse our expert insights.

Now save your seat for upcoming events

If you only attend one event a year, make it the Business Affairs Forum National Meeting. It's your opportunity to hear our latest research, network with other members, and meet our team of experts.

Our national meetings aren't your only chance to hear from our experts and your peers. We host regular webconferences so that you can get best practices and ask questions live—without ever leaving your desk.

Finally, identify your institution's performance gaps

There's no shortage of benchmarking surveys that compare your units’ operational and strategic maturity measures to other colleges and universities. But CBOs and administrative unit leaders often tell us that those surveys don't help you improve your unit's performance or redeploy existing resources to increase efficiency.

Our functional diagnostics for HR, IT, and procurement can provide clear insight into administrative unit performance gaps, which allows you to target improvements in high-priority areas. Take the diagnostics

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