Developing Support Services for International Students

Toolkit and resource center

Topics: International Students, Special Populations, Student Experience, Student Affairs, Academic Integrity and Student Conduct, Academic Support Programs, Career Services, Diversity and Multiculturalism, Student Health and Wellness, Mental Health and Counseling, Student Organizations and Activities

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International students face a unique set of challenges in adapting to life at institutions in North America, where their numbers on most campuses continue to grow. From the transition to campus to the eventual job search, they may need additional and—in some cases—specialized support, both inside and outside of the classroom.

This toolkit contains diagnostics, fact sheets, and implementation guides to help you assess and develop your international student services in four areas:

Career Development Tools

ExecutiveInternational students often have unique needs when it comes to career preparation and planning.

In this section of the toolkit, you'll find resources to assist you in building a dedicated career website, preparing international students for career fairs and networking, identifying low-cost external resources, and more.


Transition Tools

International StudentIn this section of the toolkit, you'll find worksheets and step-by-step guides to help ease international students' transition to campus life.

Topics include writing an effective pre-arrival guide, connecting new students with campus resources, optimizing peer mentor programs, and more.


Academic Integrity Tools

ContractTo help international students adjust to new academic norms, it's important to teach them about policies, as well as resources, prior to and throughout their time on campus.

This portion of the toolkit includes guidance to help you develop a pre-arrival portal, an academic integrity quick reference guide, and tiered academic integrity education sessions.


Mental Health Tools

BrainCampuses face a big hurdle in connecting international students to counseling services, both because of a lack of awareness and the stigma attached to these services.

Using the resources in this final part of the toolkit, you'll learn informal outreach strategies to connect more students with mental health services, discover effective stigma reduction tactics, and access audits for responding to three types of crises on campus.


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