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Who We Are

Learn about our research and insights.

Established in 2007, the Education Advisory Board is a trusted advisor and performance improvement partner to 1,000+ colleges and universities across North America and Europe.

Whether through best practice research, data analytics, technology, or consulting services, our 650+ researchers, consultants, engineers, and data scientists work with members every day to make higher education smarter.

What We Do

We help colleges and universities solve their biggest problems.

  • Our research teams uncover and share the best ideas from across higher education. We canvass thousands of colleges and universities each year to understand your biggest problems and find breakthrough, peer-tested solutions. We don’t just find great ideas – we provide tools and advice to help you turn them into action.

  • Our data scientists help you turn information into insight. We collect disparate and disconnected data sets from hundreds of colleges and universities, apply world-class analytics, and provide you with insights on your own performance – and how you stack up to your peers.

  • Our engineers create software solutions customized to higher education's most pressing problems. Whether it's identifying and intervening with at-risk students, or figuring out how to get better pricing on office and scientific supplies, EAB solutions provide the insights and guidance colleges and universities need to make real progress.

  • Our managed-service consultants provide strategic, data-driven solutions to help you achieve your unique institutional goals – whether you’re focused on enrollment management, financial aid optimization, or alumni fundraising. Each institution is different, and we invest the time to craft recommendations and advice that are right for you.

Whether by working with a university leadership team to develop a strategic plan or by helping a retention task force implement a better advising model, we make a real difference each year for every member we serve.

Learn about our technology collaboratives.

Our Members

We got our start eight years ago working with university provosts at a few dozen research universities in the United States.  Now, we work with more than a thousand colleges and universities around the world, from large research universities with global footprints to two-year colleges educating their communities.

While provosts remain central to our work, we now partner with almost every member of the President’s cabinet, as well as with the heads of most key academic and administrative units on campus. More than 26,000 senior administrators and staff at member institutions use our services every year.

EAB At a Glance

9 in 10
of the US News and World Report Top 100 are EAB members
of four-year students in the US attend our member institutions
best practice reports completed for members
first-year ROI for new consulting clients