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Our History

EAB has been helping education get smarter since 1989, but its roots go back even further, to a handful of inspired entrepreneurs who believed in the power of new ideas to transform industries.


David Bradley founds the Research Council of Washington to perform custom research on any topic for the Fortune 500


The Research Council of Washington shifts its focus to the financial services industry and changes its name to The Advisory Board Company

Bill Royall founds Royall & Company as a political direct marketing agency


Royall & Company acquires first higher education client, applying marketing strategies from the direct marketing world to colleges and universities for the first time


Jim Day brings together a group of higher education economics experts to launch Hardwick-Day, a strategic financial aid consultancy


Mario Moore creates GradesFirst, an education technology company serving advisors and the athletics department to support student success


The Advisory Board Company launches the Education Advisory Board, translating its best practice research approach to solving higher education’s challenges


Royall & Company joins forces with Hardwick-Day

The Education Advisory Board shortens its moniker to EAB and acquires Royall & Company


EAB acquires GradesFirst and integrates its capabilities into its Student Success Collaborative platforms


EAB becomes a standalone company