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Featured Story
'A Health Care Strategy for Higher Ed'

"Research by EAB suggests both health care and higher education can tackle those challenges by following the same approach. It’s a strategy known as population health management, which involves using predictive analytics to break populations into smaller groups by risk and assigning different support services to each group."

EAB in the News

'Earlier FAFSA Timelines Proving Popular With Students, Survey Finds'
"This information was revealed in the national survey of 171 enrollment managers at public and private four-year colleges and universities by Royall and Company, a division of EAB, a research and technology company." Read more
'Reining in Growth'
"'The best circumstance that I've seen has been with schools who've been able to successfully bend their demand curve in a favorable direction so that they can enroll the number of students they want, but at a lower discount rate,' Farrell said. 'They're getting a manageable number of students with the right revenue. That leads to a sustainable campus.'" Read more
'Big data mounts in state to boost college-grad rate'
"The university has become a member of the Student Success Collaborative, which helps schools gather student data and format it into dashboards that faculty members and advisors can understand." Read more

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