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Featured Story
'Turning Down Top Choices'

"Almost one-fifth of students who were admitted to their top choice of college or university in 2016 but decided not to go there turned it down because of the cost of attendance, according to new data from Royall & Co., the enrollment-management and alumni fund-raising arm of EAB."

EAB in the News

"Leveraging Big Data to Drive Student Success"
"Drawing on recent research as well as his work with the Student Success Collaborative, Ed Venit shares his thoughts on what student success means in the modern era and discusses the impact Big Data and analytics can have on delivering a student experience that drives success." Read more
"Over one-third of accepted students turn down top choice universities because of cost, study says"
"A recent economic study found that 40 percent of accepted students who decided not to go to their top choice universities cited reasons related to cost. The survey was released by Royall and Company, a private college economics research company, which surveyed more than 50,000 students who graduated from high school in 2016." Read more

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