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Featured Story
'A Health Care Strategy for Higher Ed'

"Research by EAB suggests both health care and higher education can tackle those challenges by following the same approach. It’s a strategy known as population health management, which involves using predictive analytics to break populations into smaller groups by risk and assigning different support services to each group."

EAB in the News

'The Immigration Crackdown's Surprising Victim: Your Tuition Bill'
"In a separate survey released Monday by Royall & Company, a higher education consulting firm, a third of international students say their interest in studying in the U.S. has declined." Read more
'Survey finds international students apprehensive'
"A Royall & Co. survey of more than 2,100 international students conducted in February found the current political climate made about one-third of them less interested in attending a college or university in the U.S." Read more
'Senate highlights-MArch 13, 2017'
"She also discussed the move towards more standardized reporting of sexual assault on campus, including Dalhousie’s participation in the North American Education Advisory Board’s Climate Survey which was distributed to students in the fall." Read more

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