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Featured Story
'Striking a Balance'

"However, Kathleen Dawley, managing director of client success for EAB, Richmond, Va., and a former member of the board of trustees at Regis College, Weston, Mass., says, “There is a distribution design in [merit aid] policies that has to do with providing more funding as the ability to pay decreases … so low-income students in general are being well-funded, particularly the lowest income groups.”"

Featured Story
'Prizes for Everyone: How Colleges Use Scholarships to Lure Students'

"“It’s become much more data-driven,” said James Day, vice president and managing director of financial aid optimization services at EAB, a consulting firm in Washington, D.C. that works with more than 1,200 schools, including about 140 on financial-aid strategy."

EAB in the news

'Start, Succeed, Soar'
"The digital platform EAB Navigate guides students through the enrollment process, using predictive analytics to give users real-time feedback." Read more
'Want to help students of color? Help part-time students, report says'
"A new report by EAB, an education research and services company, advocates targeting part-time students for services and intervention and redesigning programs to simplify their paths to graduation." Read more
'How one college predicts students at risk of dropping out'
"The University of Central Florida in Orlando has 66,000 students, and low-income and first-generation students who are at risk for quitting could easily get lost in the shuffle. But UCF wants to make sure they don't. By using predictive analytics, the university identifies at-risk students and intervenes before they drop out." Read more
'Georgia State, Leading the U.S. in Black Graduates, Is Engine of Social Mobility'
"Analyzing her background, administrators there identified her as “academically at risk” and required her to enroll in a seven-week summer session, where she was introduced to the college’s tutoring, advising and financial literacy programs." Read more

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