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Featured Story
'EAB to Compete as Student Success Management System'

"As reported in Inside Higher Ed, EAB, a research and technology services company, says the time is right for an enterprise-level “student success management system,” or SSMS."

EAB in the News

'Full college course load can give any student an edge'
"Venit, a researcher with “best practices” firm EAB, just completed an analysis of the academic performance of 1.3 million students starting out as full-time freshmen at 137 colleges." Read more
'One extra class each semester could help freshmen graduate on-time'
"College freshmen who averaged at least 15 credits per term during their first year were 19 percentage points more likely to graduate in four years, according to a study of nearly 1.3 million full-time college students at 137 institutions recently released by EAB." Read more
'More and More Women Are Drowning in College Debt — Meet 5 of Them'
"What’s worse, often students aren’t alerted that they’re about to lose their aid until it’s too late. This is a critical problem, since as little as $1,000 in revoked funding puts them at higher risk for dropping out, per the Education Advisory Board." Read more

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