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'Financial Aid Packages Are Out Early This Year. Here’s What You Need to Know.'
'Can Financial Advisors Help More Students Graduate? One University Thinks So'
'UNC Awarded for Innovations in Student Success'
'If you want college aid, get the FAFSA in now'
'Why early FAFSA means early effort for students, schools '
'University introducing Bachelor of Science degree program in statistics'
'Earlier FAFSA Timelines Proving Popular With Students, Survey Finds'
'Reining in Growth'


'Big data mounts in state to boost college-grad rate'
'WMU unveils its results from national campus climate survey '
'Budgeting for Institutional Success'
'Modeling an IT Strategy for Student Success'
'The Student Affairs Spectacular Podcast Episode #133: Grant Schroll on Design Thinking and Environments, Part 2'
'Study: Losing Financial Aid Can Increase Likelihood of Dropping Out'
'Hack Education Weekly News
'John Burke participates in Education Advisory Board roundtable session'
'Universities Recognized for Student Success Work'
'Even Top Students May Drop Out After Losing Aid'
'Even Top Students May Drop Out After Losing Aid'
'Top college students who lose small amounts of financial aid more likely to drop out'
'Students who lose financial aid are more likely to drop out, study says'
'Report: Minimal financial aid gaps yield sizeable effects on dropout rate'
'A few hundred dollars in aid can make all the difference to some college students'
'A Little Money Goes a Long Way to Keep Students from Dropping Out'
'New Year, New FAFSA - No More'


'How One University Used Big Data To Boost Graduation Rates'
'Good as gold: Higher ed fosters fundraising all-stars'
'Not in My Classroom'
'Daniell takes on new challenges '
'The New Frontier: Erik Lauffer on the Importance of Data Accessibility'
'Running a BI Shop: Part Two, Building the Organization'
'Dispelling myths around switching college majors'
'University hires Royall & Company to boost enrollment'
'Could pop culture be the key to better student recruitment?'


'UTSA Faculty and Staff Exchange Insights with Peer Institutions about Student Success'
'MITZEL: Hawks Perch: Enrollment up at DSU'
'New app exclusively for UTSA students simplifies the college experience'
'The Tuition-Reset Strategy'
'New marketing strategy on tap for university'
'Guiding students through undergrad'
'New App Keeps UMW Students on Track'
'How colleges aggressively use big data to target potential students'
'DSCC awarded $200,000 in Tenn. Promise Forward grants'
'Applying the Yardstick, Department by Department'
'Baylor has record enrollment, graduation rates, freshman retention
'Financial aid gets a fast forward in college admissions process'
'Increasing Equity and Access Through Competency-based Education: What Do We Know?'
'UVI Launches Retention Program to Enhance Student Success'
'How to Do a Better Job of Searching for Diversity'
'The Tuition-Reset Strategy'
'UNC leaders look at funding campuses based on their performance'
'Faculty Senate discusses goals for upcoming year'
'Student Success Center helps students solve problems'
'Students need more ways to explore subjects, majors'
'Full text of University of Northern Colorado President Kay Norton's State of the University speech'
'RIT to offer courses in security policy and management'
'UCF Foundation sets $500 million fundraising goal'
'This ‘The Sixteen Most Innovative People in Higher Education'


'This 'Freshman 15' could save you $300,000'
'EAB to Split from The Advisory Board Company'
'Western board approves Spratt improvements'
'Study: Students Who Take More Credits Have Higher GPAs, Retention Rates'
'Students discover majors through persistence'
'15-Credit Course Loads Increase Odds of Graduation'
'Study finds college freshmen fare better with larger course load'
'15-Credit Course Loads Increase Odds of Graduation'
'National Study Shows Freshmen Better Off Taking 15 Credits'
'David Armstrong: Catholic colleges provide value – and values – students won’t find elsewhere'
'Trump, drop in Saudi oil prices make US less attractive to international students – survey'
'3 Ways IT Is Impacting Student Success'
'CSU Creates “Road Maps” to Ease Students’ Path to Graduation'
'For colleges, predictive analytics give voice to data 'that sits in silence''
'Another survey predicts decline in international student interest'
'More Evidence of Trump Impact on International Admissions'


'Data Dive'
'Number of international students applying at WT drops, mirroring state trend'
'A New* System for Student Success Planning'
'EAB Combines Student Success Tech in Unified Platform'
'Trump cited for dramatic decline in international student applications in Texas'


'When Net Price Setting Pays Off'


'Faculty, staff receive Student Success Impact Awards'
'It’s OK to change your major, consider practical application'
'Virginia's Community Colleges Turn to EAB to Boost Degree Completion'
'Higher ed leaders: It's time to strengthen your social media strategy'
'Study: More Underrepresented Students Rely on Social Media for College Search'
'UM-Dearborn to offer small business management major'
'Decreasing enrollment prompts new initiatives to combat falling student numbers'
'How Three States Boost College Student Outcomes with Analytics'
'Henrico school, businesses, organizations earn Active RVA awards'
'Is your campus using this hidden recruiting gem?'
'Building an Office of Process Innovation'
'Western renews contract for enrollment support '
'Combating Initiative Fatigue: Unifying and Integrating Student Success Initiatives'
'College Search: Minority Students Turn to Social Media For School Choice, Study Reveals'
'More Underrepresented College-Bound Students Turn to Social Media For College Information'


'New enrollment software coming to Mt Hood'
'UTSA faculty and staff share research and insight about education at SXSWedu Conference'
'Report Reveals Community College Innovations, Tech Planning Priorities'
'How do universities use big data?'
'Untangling Title IX in higher ed'
'New UD program keeps students on track for graduation'
'In Search of Transformation'
'Students First: Aligning Student Success Initiatives'


'Study Reveals How Cost Is The Reason Students Opt Out Of Their Top Choices'
'Fayetteville State to offer mobile app for students'
'Turning Down Top Choices'