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Academic Affairs and Research

“No one prepared me for what it takes to do this job.” We hear that a lot from the provosts and deans we work with–and we’re here to help. We offer proven, peer-tested strategies and technologies to improve student success, academic resource allocation, faculty affairs, enrollment growth strategy, and more.

Recent Insights

Guiding Student Choice to Promote Persistence
This study profiles innovative tools, technologies, and policies that institutions have used to improve student retention and completion rates.More
Expert Perspective
Build a high-tech, high-touch student service model
Learn how, by redesigning student services with a "flipped classroom" approach, institutions are reallocating support staff time to higher-value interactions with at-risk students.More

How EAB helped one school retain 350 students

Middle Tennessee State University was able to increase overall persistence by 1.5 percentage points, creating $1.5M in additional spring tuition revenue.

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