IT Forum Perspectives

Looking forward to seeing you at EDUCAUSE

The IT Forum’s Practice Manager, Dr. Tracy Davis Bradley, will be moderating the panel "Leveraging CIO and Provost Collaboration to Enhance the Impact of Student Success Analytics" at next week’s EDUCAUSE Annual Conference. This panel of higher education industry leaders will share their perspectives on how cross-functional collaborations between IT and academic teams can help identify the critical data that needs to be collected and analyzed, as well as expedite support for key decision makers on campus.

The provost as ally in campus BI initiatives

Through our work with academic leaders in the Academic Affairs Forum, we have identified several ways that provosts support campus IT initiatives. Our research found that the majority (51%) of BI initiatives find non-IT support within the president’s cabinet, with provosts taking a leading role in most institutions. Provost involvement with BI initiatives correlates with:

  • Greater institutional buy-in for analytics; cabinets are more likely to view BI as an enterprise initiative
  • Less fragmented data governance maturity; instead, data governance maturity is considered more of an enterprise operation

How the Provost Supports BI Initiatives

Looking for more?

Read more about insights and benchmarks for BI in higher education in our report Developing and Supporting Analytics Initiatives.


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