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Student Success Insights Blog
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What success means to your students, in their own words

EAB researchers went directly to over 200 students and asked how they conceive of success. Their answers surprised, delighted, and moved us—and helped us focus our research and development agenda for the upcoming year.
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Think a sophomore with a 3.0 GPA won't drop out?
Think again.
Our whitepaper features 5 insights to help you support the "Murky Middle" and improve retention on your campus.
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Redefining Student Success

Explore this infographic for a sample of how 450+ colleges and universities are working with EAB to achieve breakthrough results by focusing on student-centered innovations.

Case Study Compendium 2017

This case study compendium explores the success stories of nine diverse institutions that achieved breakthrough results with the Student Success Collaborative.

The Evolution of Student Success

This infographic charts six "eras" of student success theory and response to help student success leaders plan their responses to tomorrow's challenges.