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Community College Blog
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How holistic advising helps students find balance

Community college students, and especially adult learners, rarely identify exclusively as students. Learn how a holistic advising approach helps students achieve the balance they need to persist.
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10 common student communications mistakes—and 3 tools to fix them
Keep students on track with our latest insights including out-of-industry analyses on effective emails, subject lines, and calls to action.
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Bringing Guided Pathways to Life

This resource offers EAB analysis of the Guided Pathways movement in the community college sector, identifies the most common questions about implementation, and offers over two dozen strategies for college leaders to bring the model to life at their institutions.

Avoid "Fight-or-Flight" Reactions by Redesigning the Onboarding Experience

College leaders can guide students to make optimal enrollment decisions and ultimately increase the likelihood of enrollment and completion by leveraging lessons from behavioral economics to redesign the onboarding experience. Explore the infographic.

How Navigate is Supporting Your Student Success Mission

Learn about the underlying principles of EAB's direct-to-student platform that offers community college students personalized yet scalable guidance based on their unique needs and goals.