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Complete College America Raises the Student Success Technology Bar

by Christina Hubbard

One of the best parts about engaging with campuses across the country through the Student Success Collaborative is that we get feedback on how our work together is progressing. Members tell us, frequently and in detail, what’s effective, what’s not, and how our Navigate technology needs to evolve.

In response, over the past few years, we’ve dramatically expanded the capabilities and scope of our student success management system, Navigate, to meet the needs of our members—and their students. Particularly in the community college segment of our membership, we’ve augmented our predictive powers and strengthened other aspects of our tool set, because our work in partnership with our members made it clear how eager colleges were to take advantage of these capabilities as their student success management has matured.

Outside Perspective on the Evolution of Student Success

EAB and its members aren’t the only ones who believe that colleges—both two-year and four-year—need a more sophisticated and more comprehensive approach to managing student success. Complete College America, a nonprofit dedicated to eliminating achievement gaps, created a Technology Seal of Approval to highlight how technology could support academic pathways, registration, and monitoring. EAB was recognized as one of two inaugural “Seal of Approval” award winners.

In 2017, CCA sought technological solutions that provided a more comprehensive approach, including informed decision making and more intrusive advising approach. EAB again was recognized and was the only recipient to earn the Seal of Approval two times consecutively.

This year, CCA raised the bar even higher. It sought software functionality that supports onboarding, scheduling, and predictive analytics. CCA looked for evidence that the technology fostered student momentum with informed choices and academic maps. In addition, CCA wanted evidence that the solution promoted campus policies and processes that are needed to carry out necessary institutional changes.

EAB Navigate Gets Award for Third Consecutive Year

For the third year in a row, Complete College America (CCA) has recognized EAB with a highly esteemed award. This year, we have been awarded two of their Technology Trailblazer Awards. These awards recognize EAB’s commitment to making success a reality for all students by delivering technology that streamlines best practice tools and measurements, while supporting campus change management efforts.

Again, EAB rose to the top as a leader in the Time and Choice categories. Navigate received the Time award based on its capability to make academic maps and proactive advising simpler for students and advisors. Students are able to clearly identify their paths to graduation, and advisors can monitor and intervene as needed. We won the Choice award because of the rich information students receive when searching for and selecting a major. Together, these awards highlight how students get and stay on the right path from the time they apply to when they graduate.

Member Results Mirroring CCA’s Endorsement

We are looking forward to joining CCA at their annual convening where we will formally accept our awards, but it’s the impact that Navigate has on our members’ students that keeps us excited.

Pike’s Peak Community College saw a 3% increase in students who were able to register within three days of application. One staff member there said, “I love Navigate! It gives students tons of information at their fingertips without the need to dive deep into our website to try to find what they need to know.”

Cerro Coso saw similar results after adopting Navigate. Using technology throughout the onboarding process increased the college's applicant-to-enrollee conversion rate 16% between Fall 2015 and Fall 2017.

At Thomas Nelson Community College, advisors observed that 27% of students changed their major after using Navigate to explore majors. This clarification and validation of their academic choice translates into much needed momentum in their best-fit majors.

Similarly, Wiregrass changed their advising model thanks to Navigate. Instead of spending advising appointments focused on scheduling, advisors now focus on overall academic goals, campus resources, and enrollment processes. As one advisor explained, “I used to note all their classes on a piece of paper, which they promptly lost…. If they didn’t register with me, who knew if they would follow up or follow my advice? Now, I can back up our conversations with Navigate and I feel more comfortable that students will stay on track because it’s all right there for them.”

And it’s not just staff who see the benefits of technology. A Wiregrass student explained, “I'm able to do [onboarding and academic planning] on my own time instead of having to set an appointment to do everything. I can kind of get a jump start before meeting with my advisor.”

Technology is changing the way students and their colleges engage with each other. It’s easier than ever for students to get the answers and support they need to succeed in college. We are thrilled that CCA recognized our efforts to deliver on our mission of making education smarter, but more than anything, we are proud that our technology is improving the student experience on campuses around the country.

Attending CCA’s annual convening in Chicago this December?

Join us for our session on using technology to deliver on student success goals, December 5 at 1:30 p.m. Learn More.

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