Careers With Purpose

Helping staff pursue their purpose

How we empower employees to do work that matters

People come to work at EAB to make a difference in the world. We have committed every resource at our disposal to support all employees in living a life of meaning, whether it’s through our award-winning corporate social responsibility and volunteer program; incredible opportunities for career advancement, education, and development; or direct connection to the life-changing services our members and clients provide.

An environment where staff can thrive

Our culture is distinct and essential to our success, and we're committed to creating an inclusive, dynamic, and diverse environment where every one of our employees

We value and celebrate different backgrounds and perspectives, not only to create a vibrant workplace for our existing staff, but also to attract the mission-driven, talented individuals who will make EAB even stronger. Learn more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We also recognize the immense value of volunteer service, both to our organization and our community partners. That's why we have policies and resources to help employees maximize their impact based on their skills, interests, and passions:

  • Daytime volunteer leave
    Employees are eligible for up to 10 hours of paid daytime leave per month to pursue volunteer activities, the most generous policy in the nation.
  • Additional paid time off to high-impact volunteers
    Employees can earn up to three additional days of paid time off every calendar year after accumulating more than 50 hours of volunteer service.
  • Community Impact grants
    Our firm provides a $500 stipend to any organization where our employees contribute significant time and talent. It’s a way of thanking our staff members for living out our company values and embodying a Spirit of Generosity in their work and life, and to thank a non-profit organization that has provided a meaningful place for our team members to spend their time.

Creating change

Volunteer Leadership

EAB has received local and national recognition for pioneering an employee volunteer program model that engages a broad swath of our firm in not only the activities of our program but also its leadership. As of 2016, more than 100 Advisory Board employees serve as Community Impact leaders—planning programming for their colleagues, engaging participants at the grassroots level, and owning the advancement of our social impact, all on a volunteer basis.

Here are some of the roles and leadership opportunities available to our employees:

Cause Communities
Cause Communities are issue-based interest groups open to any EAB employee. The leaders of these groups source volunteer, pro bono, and educational opportunities in their chosen issue area with the goal of adding context and awareness to the activities of Cause Community members, creating a more meaningful experience.

Department leadership
This was the original element of our employee volunteer leadership program. Community Impact department leads harness the collective talents and interests of their team in a way that yields the highest possible community benefit, often via skills-based service in our firm’s focus areas.

Nonprofit Executive Advisors
The Executive Advisor (EA) model taps into EAB’s unparalleled approach to customer service and sources relationship management experts to become advisors to our most involved community partners.

Pro Bono Work

At EAB, we take tremendous pride in our pro bono program. Our employees have skills that are in high demand across our industries, and they make time to lend their expertise to support nonprofit partners in completing short-term projects and growing their long-term capacity to serve more people.

Our firm’s core values encourage every employee to have a servant’s heart and to go above and beyond to help our members and enhance shareholder value. Employees of all levels, from entry-level associates to the C-suite, use their skills to support nonprofit organizations in a variety of roles.

Our pro bono team members build leadership capabilities and other skills, and in some cases further refine technologies and other solutions that can be translated into member benefit.

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