Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Community Impact program

EAB’s mission to make education smarter and our communities stronger infuses everything we do—especially our active, intentional approach to corporate social responsibility.

It’s by design that our work with our members and our communities intertwine: it allows us to have an outsized, positive impact. This service orientation strengthens our own organization, too—by ensuring we hire staff attuned to our members’ missions, by creating skill-development opportunities beyond our office walls, and by giving employees the fulfillment of serving communities where they live and work.

How we drive social impact

Living Our Mission

Our mission begins in education, but extends far beyond the walls of colleges and universities. Our core values, work with our members, and commitment to our communities are deliberately linked to generate the greatest social impact.

Read on to learn how our Community Impact program helps further all facets of the EAB mission.

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Careers with Purpose

Working at EAB means making a difference in the world. We leverage our student success expertise to drive positive change while ensuring staff have the freedom to use their unique gifts where they are passionate.

Read on to learn how we create an infrastructure that ensures employees can bring their best, full selves to work each day; are encouraged to participate in our award-winning volunteer program; and know that their work matters, both in their business roles and their volunteerism.

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