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Starting Your EAB Career


Our business strategy and performance rely on our employee’s knowledge and talents, and this begins with an in-depth orientation to EAB. Employees at all levels experience Orientation@EAB together in a new-hire cohort, representative of many departments. The goal is for new hires to have an understanding of our mission and values, firm strategy, products and departments, and the education industry.


After Orientation@EAB, new employees go through role and department-specific onboarding to accelerate their learning and assimilation. Ultimately, we want to ensure that staff feel warmly welcomed and receive all the information needed for a strong start.

In the 10 years of my career working in a variety of environments prior to joining EAB, I'd never had the chance to be surrounded by such consistently smart, hard-working, mission-driven colleagues.

EAB U is our continuous learning program providing actionable opportunities for staff to increase their skillset, elevate their performance in role-specific competencies, and strategically career path toward other roles in the company. EAB U is open to anyone in the firm and offers in-person and on-demand training in three key areas:

  • Competency building (courses tied to our 26 firm-wide competencies)
  • Product knowledge (i.e. Student Success, Enrollment Services)
  • Industry expertise (i.e. Education State of the Union)

I feel challenged by the work we do with our members, and also engaged as a person with passions and interests in our community.


Management is not defined by your title—it’s defined by your actions. To equip managers with the tools they need to achieve the expectations of EAB managers, we believe in intentional, immersive, and robust skill building. Manage@EAB is a cohort-based development program designed to provide foundational skills and strategies to elevate manager effectiveness. Our retreats include topics such as:

  • Establish your Relationship
  • Develop and Grow Your Team
  • Build an Effective Team Culture
  • Keep People in the Know

Great mission and desire to impact the community. Lots of passionate people trying to impact education and make the system better.

Professional Growth

We believe in supporting staff at all stages of their career. Initiatives such as QUEST, which guides entry-level staff to discover, explore, and develop in their first two years at the firm; skill development courses for managers; and executive coaching and 360-degree assessments for our senior leaders help employees reach their full potential.

Our leadership cohorts serve high-performing staff, including a multi-year program for women in leadership, a staff-led initiative for women in technology, and a nomination-based fellowship for emerging leaders. Additionally, our Learning and Development team facilitates individualized coaching and mentoring relationships.

My managers and peers genuinely care about my career and want me to succeed. I've never been surrounded by such great, smart, and encouraging people at a job.

Performance Management

Merit-based performance management is central to our business. We encourage managers to provide regular informal feedback, and every six months, employees go through a structured review cycle to reflect on past performance and set goals for the future. This includes:

  • A downward review, in which a manager reviews the staff member’s performance based on a role-specific competency grid with defined quantitative and qualitative expectations.
  • A self-review, in which the staff member submits input on his or her own work, accomplishments, and contributions.
  • Upward and peer reviews, in which staff confidentially provide feedback on their managers and colleagues.

Departments are supported by a dedicated and knowledgeable Talent team. In addition to facilitating reviews, Talent supports career growth and professional development.

We're working to make education smarter. Join our team.

EAB is a special place to work. You'll find motivated employees, growth opportunities, and a deep commitment to our members. We pride ourselves on hiring the best people—not just for the job, but for the firm and the future of education.

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