UVA: Fraternities may return with new safety rules

Rules require party monitors, bystander training, and ban pre-mixed drinks

The University of Virginia (UVA) will allow Greek life to resume on campus, but laid out some new rules for fraternities, the Washington Post reports.

Under the new rules, fraternities must have three "sober and lucid" members monitoring parties, one of whom restricts access to bedrooms upstairs and has "immediate key access to each room." The regulations require monitors be stationed wherever alcohol is served and wear something that makes them easily identifiable across chapters.

Additionally, the regulations stipulate that fraternities may not provide pre-mixed alcoholic beverages, must use a guest list to control entry into parties, and must participate in "bystander" training.

After agreeing to the new rules, fraternities may resume social activities, which were temporarily banned after a report by Rolling Stone magazine on the alleged gang rape of a female student at a fraternity party during her freshman year. While doubts have emerged in relation to the magazine's original reporting, UVA has nonetheless pledged to revamp its response to sexual assault.

Background story: UVA suspends Greek activities in wake of Rolling Stone article

“I believe the new safety measures recommended by the student leaders in the Greek community will help provide a safer environment for their members and guests,” says UVA President Teresa Sullivan.

The school's Inter-Fraternity Council must formally agree to abide by the regulations before Greek organizations are allowed to resume official activities on campus. However, the council helped draft the new rules and is expected to accept them in time for the start of spring rush later this month.

Council President Tommy Reid said the organization "is excited for the spring semester and looks forward to continuing to lead the advancement of student safety at the university" (Anderson, Washington Post, 1/6).

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