Around the industry: Student charged for setting fellow student on fire

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  • Iowa: University of Iowa President Sally Mason announced last week that she will retire in summer 2015, and the Board of Regents accepted her resignation Tuesday. She will remain connected to the university as a tenured faculty member for one year and as a president emeritus. Bruce Rastetter, president of the Board of Regents, says the university is immediately beginning a national search for its next president. During a special session, the board thanked Mason for accomplishments during her tenure, which included rebuilding campus after a large flood in 2008, and for her skills as a fundraiser. In fact, Mason says that she would like to help the school meet its $1.7 billion goal for a fundraising campaign scheduled to close in December 2016 (Miller, The Gazette/KCRG, 1/20).
  • New Brunswick: Some University of Moncton leaders are criticizing a recently released ad for the school that includes a brief shot of a kiss in the library. The video is "pathetic," says Marie-Noëlle Ryan, president of the professors' and librarians' associations, and sells the university "like it's a beer product." But supporters say the video shows "what young students want to see." The university will air the video on Radio-Canada television until the end of March; it is already available online (CBC News, 1/20).
  • New York: Jaime Castano, a student at New York University (NYU) has been charged with assault and reckless endangerment after allegedly setting another student on fire. According to the complaint, Castano set fire to the comforter on his bed while a female student slept there. Then, it says, Castano began singing and took a cell phone video of the woman while she tried to put out the flames. The incident occurred last August, but NYU officials say the victim was reluctant to report the case to the police, preferring a university disciplinary hearing. After the hearing, Castano was expelled in September. A spokesperson for NYU says the school is investigating its handling of the incident and plans to report similar cases immediately to police in the future (AP/USA Today, 1/21).

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