Harvard tops list of worldwide MBA programs for sixth year

People are 'almost irrationally willing to hire me,' says one graduate

The Harvard School of Business has the world's top full-time MBA, according to the Financial Times' annual rankings.

The program was ranked number one for the third consecutive year and its sixth time overall. The rankings are based on a survey of recent graduates about salary, career progression, the diversity of the student body, and other factors.

For many, the Harvard's top ranking requires no explanation. One respondent observed the degree "made people almost irrationally willing to hire me."

Harvard's graduates had the highest salary three years after graduation—nearly $180,000, or approximately twice their pre-MBA compensation. Graduates also praised the school's alumni network. "Everyone will meet you for a coffee to share insights, advice, and introductions," observed one respondent.

Rounding out the second and third spots were the London School of Business and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, respectively. The highest ranked new program was the University of San Diego School of Business, at #66.

Overall, MBA students were happy with their degrees—around 95% say they were satisfied with their career progression three years after graduation (Ortmans, Financial Times, 1/25).

The takeaway: Harvard was ranked the number one full-time MBA program on the strength of its graduates in the labor market and the generosity of its alumni network.

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