To overhaul developmental classes, leaders say they need better data

Community college teams discuss plans at national summit

Student data and faculty involvement were top of mind for attendees at a national summit on developmental education, reports Community College Daily.

Seventeen colleges came together to exchange ideas and compare strategies at the National Summit on the Redesign of Developmental Education, hosted by the American Association of Community Colleges. Many of the plans centered on holistic student experience, says Byron McClenney, one of the discussion facilitators and a community college consultant.

Attendees said they need more data regarding who takes remedial classes, what those students need, and how successful they are afterward. Some said their schools started using multiple assessments and high school GPA to determine how much remediation—if any at all—students really require.

Many school teams expressed interest in mixing developmental education into existing courses, rather than making them an additional class students must take—and one school even said it plans to stop using the term completely.

Leaders also said they want to foster faculty-student relationships.

Pima Community College, for example, recently overhauled its strategy. Officials hired an executive director to lead the integration of developmental education into the renewed focus on student success. The representative team said faculty and staff will likely help analyze data and spotlight successful programs (Dembicki, Community College Daily, 2/5).

The takeaway Community college representatives discussed the need for more student data and faculty involvement at a national summit on developmental education redesign.

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