Why one university president shoveled a student's driveway

'I have always tried to stay in touch with students via social media'

After an Eastern Kentucky University student joked on Twitter that he would only make it to class if the school's president shoveled his snowy driveway, Michael Benson did just that, TODAY.com reports.

Benson—who has been Eastern Kentucky's president since August 2013—saw Devan Dannelly's tweet and responded by asking for his address. While Dannelly was out running errands, Benson and a friend drove to his house and shoveled his driveway.

Dannelly says he was touched by the gesture, and followed through by visiting Benson on campus the next day—even though school classes were canceled.

"I was and still am pretty shocked that someone in his position would do something like that,'' said Dannelly. "It is rare that an average student like myself gets to have any kind of interaction with their campus president, so I feel honored really."

For his part, Benson says it was all in a day's work.

"I have always tried to stay in touch with students via social media, and will continue to do so at every opportunity,'' Benson said in a statement. "It is just one way to demonstrate that we care about our students at Eastern Kentucky. In the past year, I have accepted challenges to play dodgeball and ping pong matches with students, and even threw a touchdown pass in the spring football scrimmage."

"However, this was the first time I had accepted a challenge to shovel a student's driveway in order to get them to class and it enabled me to make a connection with Devan that otherwise may not have happened" (Stump, TODAY.com, 2/25).

The takeaway: After a student challenged him via Twitter, Eastern Kentucky's president shoveled his driveway .

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