No break from Yik Yak troubles at student affairs conference

NASPA leaders concerned by some posts

The anonymous, geography-based social media app Yik Yak, the source of several controversies on campuses, is now at the center of another—at the annual NASPA meeting of student affairs leaders.

Administrators traveled to New Orleans this week to attend the conference, hear keynote speakers, and participate in breakout sessions. They also, it appears, took to Yik Yak to share their (not always PG) experiences.

Because the app is anonymous, it is impossible to prove who was posting the controversial messages. However, many posts included details that suggested they were posted by attendees.

Among the tamer posts:

Yik Yak post 1

Yik Yak post 2

Yik Yak post 3

Yik Yak post 4

In response to the burst of posts, not all of which maintained a professional demeanor, and a blog post about them on The Chronicle of Education, NASPA's official Twitter account posted a statement.

From chatter, it also appears NASPA added an "emergency" session on the topic—although not everyone made it (Thomason, "The Ticker," The Chronicle of Higher Education, 3/24; Gordon Brown,, 3/24).

Yik Yak post 5

Yik Yak post 6

The takeaway: Yik Yak posts about the annual NASPA conference stirred up controversy.

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