Around the industry: Data breach exposes current, former, prospective students' records

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  • Alabama: Personal information of 364,012 current, former, and prospective students—including non-applicants—was exposed on Auburn University's website for six months as the result of how the school replaced a server. Records included email addresses, birth dates, addresses, names, academic information, and Social Security numbers. University officials notified those affected by mail and offered them two years of credit monitoring, and identity protection and restoration services. An Auburn spokesperson says the school obtains information from the ACT and SAT organizations for recruitment purposes (Edgemon,, 4/8; Thomason, "The Ticker," The Chronicle of Higher Education, 4/8).
  • California: Unionized doctors at southern campuses of University of California (UC) began a planned four-day strike on Saturday with rolling walkouts at the Los Angeles, San Diego, Irvine, Riverside, and Santa Barbara campuses. Union officials say the strike is to protest UC administrators' refusal to provide financial information needed to negotiate contracts. Replacement doctors, podiatrists, and dentists will provide student services during the strike. Last Thursday, the five northern campuses held a strike as well (Mozingo, Los Angeles Times, 4/11).
  • Washington D.C.: George Washington University laid off 46 employees last week in an effort to lower administrative costs. In response to falling enrollment, each administrative department was asked to cut their budgets by 5%. The announcement comes on the heels of 84 layoffs at another district-based school, Howard University (Mathewson, EducationDive, 4/10).

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