Around the industry: A case of grammar and guns

Bite-sized college and higher education industry news

  • New York: A judge has ordered a hearing to investigate whether two chimpanzees are "legal persons" and therefore "unlawfully detained" by Stony Brook University. The Nonhuman Rights Project, which brought the case, says its goal is only to free the chimps. Critics say granting legal person status to nonhuman animals could have negative legal and moral consequences. The hearing is scheduled for May 6 (McKinley, New York Times, 4/21).
  • North Carolina: A state court has ordered a new trial for a student of High Point University convicted of carrying weapons onto campus in her car. Part of the problem was a grammatical question: The law forbids "knowingly" carrying a weapon onto "educational property," but does that "knowingly" cover both carrying a weapon and being on campus? The defendant claims she did not know she was on "educational property" (Waggoner, AP/Citizen-Times, 4/22).
  • Pennsylvania: Trustees are suing Pennsylvania State University for access to documents related to the Jerry Sandusky investigation. The trustees say the documents are necessary for writing a strategic plan and settling with victims of Sandusky. However, the university says the documents are confidential and releasing them could make future investigations more difficult (Falce, Centre Daily Times, 4/20).

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