The best entry level jobs for new graduates

Top job has more than 100,000 openings

As the academic year comes to a close, new graduates are looking for work. A new analysis by WalletHub breaks down the best and worst entry level jobs for 2015.

WalletHub evaluated 109 different positions on 11 key metrics, such as starting salary and the number of open positions, to come up with their list. 

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Overall, the best entry level jobs were:

  1. Training specialist;
  2. Web applications developer;
  3. Network engineer;
  4. Attorney; and
  5. Environmental engineer.

According to WalletHub spokesperson Jill Gonzalez, the training specialist role is "mostly comprised of designing training programs used to improve an organization's performance." The median starting salary is $47,621, and WalletHub estimates there are more than 100,000 open positions. "That's an abundance of openings, but they're actually going pretty quickly," says Gonzalez.

WalletHub's analysis found that the job with the most openings was engineer, while the position with the most income-growth potential was employee relations specialist.

The least desirable jobs were:

  1. Floor assembler;
  2. Sheetmetal mechanic;
  3. Refinery operator;
  4. Consumer loan servicing clerk; and
  5. Claims processing clerk (Kane, Business Insider, 4/22; Smith, Business Insider, 4/22).

The takeaway: According to one analysis, the best entry-level job for new graduates is training specialist—which has more than 100,000 open positions nationwide.

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