Around the industry: Female faculty get salary adjustment of more than $3,500

Bite-sized college and higher education industry news

  • Maryland: After controversy and uncertainty, the University of Maryland (UMD) has ultimately decided to screen the film "American Sniper." The film was cancelled after a Muslim student group requested adding a discussion after the film—but the hosting group decided they did not have time to plan one. The event was reinstated when the College Republican and College Democrat student groups took over co-hosting the film and subsequent panel discussion. Wallace D. Loh, UMD's president, says he is proud of all student groups involved for standing up for their beliefs (4NBC Washington, 4/28).
  • Massachusetts: Hundreds of students at Emerson College marched on campus Tuesday for additional diversity training for staff and cultural competency classes for students. The students walked through nearly every building on campus—and into a faculty meeting—while chanting slogans like "education not discrimination," one participant told the Boston Globe. Lee Pelton, Emerson's president, says the school already has diversity training programs and any curriculum changes will have to be made by the faculty (Lee, Boston Globe, 4/29).
  • Ontario: Female faculty of McMaster University will be getting a raise to bring their salaries up to the level of male faculty. A two-year study at McMaster discovered that women earned $3,515 on average less than men in 2012 and 2013—even after controlling for age, tenure, and seniority. University officials say they are also implementing a female faculty member's recommendations for improving women's inclusion and advancement beyond salary (Casey, Globe and Mail, 4/29).

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