Accepted to all eight Ivy League schools and attending none of them

One high school senior explains his college decision process

One high school senior accepted to all eight Ivy League schools will head to Cambridge, Massachusetts, this fall—to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Peter Jacobs reports for Business Insider.

Alexander Roman narrowed his choices from 20 schools that accepted him to just four: MIT, Stanford University, Princeton University, and Harvard University.

"The thing about choosing a college is choosing the place that you feel you can become the best person you can be at the end of your four-year journey, and I definitely think that MIT will do that for me," he says.

Roman says he chose MIT because of its relatively small size and STEM-focused student body. He says he is 90% certain he will pursue a STEM field, likely majoring in environmental engineering or applied physics.

The atmosphere also played a major part, Roman says. "Everyone seems connected on campus, like they all knew each other," he says.

Forgoing the label that comes with Princeton and Harvard was still a difficult decision, "but being at MIT is just like going to an 'Ivy League' school for me," Roman says. 

Roman would be the first in his family to graduate from college. Like several other students accepted to all eight Ivy League schools, he is the child of an immigrant. "One of the reasons [my father] wanted to come here was so when he had kids they could have a good education," Roman says.  His father had a dream for his children, Roman adds: "to get a job they want to have, not that they need to have" (Jacobs, Business Insider, 5/4).

The takeaway: One student accepted to all eight Ivy League schools explains why he instead chose to enroll at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the fall.

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