Around the industry: Recent Yale grad stabs student, jumps from ninth floor

Bite-sized college and higher education industry news

  • Connecticut: Tyler Carlisle, who graduated from Yale University last week, stabbed a current student before jumping to his death from the ninth floor of a New Haven apartment building Tuesday morning, officials say. Peers say the two students were widely known as close friends. Yale officials released a statement Tuesday calling the events a tragedy (Uchegbu/Wang, Yale Daily News, 5/26; AP/ABC News, 5/26).
  • Florida: Only about 10% of invited students enrolled in the Pathway to Campus Enrollment (PACE) program at the University of Florida (UF). The students were initially rejected from regular admission to UF but are guaranteed admission after meeting PACE's requirements. UF's provost says he understands why students were skeptical of the new program but hopes that enrollment rates will rise as the community becomes more familiar with PACE (Schweers, Gainesville Sun, 5/26).
  • Texas: The state's House of Representatives approved a measure to allow concealed handguns in college classrooms. The bill would force both public and private institutions to allow campus carry, but would permit them to mark off gun-free zones at their discretion and exempts health facilities. The House still must take a final vote on the bill (Smith, Texas Tribune, 5/27).

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