College students prefer engaging work to a steady paycheck

Improving economy is behind the trend, says expert

According to a new survey, college students are increasingly looking for challenging and dynamic careers rather than reliable job security, the Globe and Mail reports.

Conducted by employer brand analyst Universum, the survey quizzed 17,246 Canadian undergraduate students on the companies they would most like to work for after graduation.

Overall, students are increasingly attracted to employers that offer international travel, have strong corporate social responsibility programs, and offer dynamic careers. Jason Kipps, Universum's managing director for Canada, says that as the economy has improved, young workers are becoming less interested in promises of job security and benefits because "they're not as associated with innovation and dynamic and exciting opportunities."

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For instance, compared with 2013, business students were less likely to say they wanted to work for large oil and gas companies, and engineering and IT students reported less interest working for financial institutions.

College students now expect employers to value social responsibility, sustainability, and innovation, says Kipp (Lindzon, Globe and Mail, 5/27).

The takeaway: As the economy improves, one survey finds college students are increasingly interested in employers that have a strong brand, champion social responsibility, and offer dynamic careers—rather than just job security.

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