Around the industry: Paleontologist proposes in paper about new 'Hellboy' dinosaur

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  • Alberta: Caleb Brown proposed marriage to his girlfriend—herself a palaeobiologist—in a paper he recently co-authored, earning waves of admiration on social media. At the end of his acknowledgement section, Brown writes that he would "specifically like to highlight the ongoing and unwavering support of Lorna O'Brien. Lorna, will you marry me?" Brown confirmed to CBC News that O'Brien said yes and the couple is engaged. However, Brown says he hopes the engagement will not overshadow the paper's true topic: a new dinosaur species the researchers have dubbed "Hellboy" (CBC News, 6/4; Toronto Sun, 6/5).
  • Florida: Citing financial challenges, Clearwater Christian College is closing. The private college had about 350 current students, not counting the incoming freshmen, and offered about 25 majors. Clearwater President John Klem says the school will stay open through the summer as administrators help students transfer elsewhere (Shaw, Tampa Tribune, 6/6).
  • New York: After pulling an advice column last week that encouraged a young scientist to ignore her professor's peeks down her shirt, editors at Science magazine published "Better Advice for 'Bothered.'" In the article, editors round up advice offered by experts online in response to the original article. One writer suggests a simple comment like, "Hey, I'm up here," while another says his advice to men is simply "Don't do this" ("Science Careers," Science, 6/4).

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