Nine of the 10 best-paid jobs in education are faculty positions

Forbes ranks the most highly compensated jobs

Higher education positions make up nine of the 10 best-paid education jobs as determined by Forbes.

Using Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment and Wages data reflecting May 2014 employment and salaries, Forbes staff calculated the best and worst compensated positions and found many of them came from higher education.

In terms of mean annual salary, the jobs ranked:

1. Law instructors, postsecondary, $126,270
2. Health specialties instructors, postsecondary, $112,950
3. Health instructors, postsecondary, $102,260
4. Economics instructors, postsecondary, $102,120
5. Education administrators, postsecondary, $101,910
6. Engineering instructors, postsecondary, $99,120
7. Primary and secondary school education administrators, $91,780
8. Physics instructors, postsecondary, $90,500
9. Atmospheric, Earth, Marine, Space Sciences instructors, postsecondary, $90,340
10. Agricultural science instructors, postsecondary, $90,100

Salaries varied by region within each position as well. Among law teachers, a majority taught at colleges and universities, where they earned $129,990 per year on average. In the highest-paying states—Michigan, Connecticut, and Iowa—they earn about $179,370 annually.

Meanwhile, graduate school teaching assistants were the only higher ed job to fall in the top 10 worst paid education jobs—coming in at No. 5 with a $32,970 mean annual salary (Dill, Forbes, 6/4; Forbes, accessed 6/8).

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