Around the industry: Jerry Seinfeld says college students are too 'PC'

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  • Connecticut: Comedian Jerry Seinfeld says he avoids college gigs—and many of his colleagues do, too—because students now are "so PC." In an interview with Coin Cowherd last week, he expressed some frustration with the political correctness of today's young people. Seinfeld went on to argue that college students use labels like "racist" and "sexist" too quickly, and that the climate hurts comedy (Falcone, Entertainment Weekly, 6/8).
  • New York: Officials at the College Board say some copies of the June 6 SAT exam contained an error in two sections, resulting in some students having five extra minutes to complete the sections. The compromised sections will be thrown out for all students, but the scores will still be valid. The College Board explains that the SAT has built-in redundant sections designed to protect test scores in the event of a mid-exam emergency (Heyboer, NJ Advance Media, 6/9).
  • Washington: Researchers at Washington State University solved the mystery of the "milky rain" that fell across the Pacific Northwest in February. According to scientists, an unusually strong wind storm whipped up sodium from a dry lake bed in Oregon—subsequently raining it down across three states (Geranios, AP/Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 6/9).

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