Around the industry: Hundreds attend vigil for students killed in balcony collapse

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  • California: Hundreds gathered Wednesday night at a vigil for the six people killed in a balcony collapse at an apartment building near the University of California-Berkeley. Five of the victims were Irish students visiting America for a summer work program. Officials say rotted wood support beams may have caused the collapse, which happened early Tuesday morning, but the investigation is still underway (Elle, NBC Bay Area, 6/17; Leff/Rodriguez, AP, 6/18).
  • New York: State lawmakers have agreed on a proposal establishing a statewide definition of affirmative consent, which would be enacted at colleges and universities statewide, both public and private. The plan would also create a new unit within the state police force focused on collaborating with campuses and require all institutions to distribute a "bill of rights" to students that explains the reporting process (Craig/McKinley, New York Times, 6/16).
  • Pennsylvania: Eight of 15 Chinese citizens indicted in a GRE and SAT fraud scheme appeared before a federal magistrate Wednesday—and all eight pled not guilty. "These aren't bad people," says defense lawyer Lyle Dresbold, who represents one of the accused. "They just wanted to get an education." But U.S. attorney David Hickton says the test fraud could mean some of the individuals obtained student visas through fraud as well (AP/Wall Street Journal, 6/17).

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