Law school applications drop yet again

The fall may help job prospects

The number of law school applicants fell for the third straight year, according to data from the Law School Admissions Council.

The number of applicants as of June 5 was down 2.5% from the same time last year—and because 95% of applications had been received at that point last year, a major influx is unlikely, Max Nisen reports for Quartz.

This drop comes as law schools already face a 41-year low in first-year law school enrollment as shown by data from the American Bar Association. The downswing likely foreshadows another dip in enrollment this year as well.

While the trend may hurt law schools—especially those in the lower tiers—it may actually help students and current lawyers by preventing the labor market from becoming even more saturated, Nisen writes (Nisen, Quartz, 6/12).

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