Around the industry: Argument about the value of college ends in knife slashing

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  • New Jersey: The administration of Princeton University rescinded its job offer to Michael LaCour, the graduate student who allegedly faked data for a widely publicized study about changing attitudes toward gay marriage. Since questions arose about that study, it has been discovered that LaCour lied about multiple items on his curriculum vitae, including grants and a teaching award (Singal, "Science of Us," New York Magazine, 6/22).
  • South Carolina: Harris Pastides, president of the University of South Carolina, called on officials to remove the Confederate flag from a memorial on the grounds of the state legislature. Pastides joined several state leaders calling for the flag's removal days after a white man entered a historic church and shot dead nine of its members during a Bible study. Pastides says he supports removing the flag "because, simply, it is the right thing to do and the right time to do it," (Cahill, The State, 6/22).
  • Virginia: A man slashed another man in the face over a disagreement about the "worth and importance of a college education." According to police, the two were arguing at a middle school soccer field Friday evening when one man produced a pocket knife and cut the other across the face. The crime report does not specify which of the two men was in favor of higher education (, 6/22).

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