What are the 'Best Jobs' for Millennials?

Eight of 10 related to STEM

CareerCast created its first Millennial-specific "Best Jobs" list this year.

For the subset, researchers took its annual overall list and identified the jobs that met two criteria: first, Millennials constituted the majority of the labor force (and that number had not fallen in the past five years); and second, Millennials had the largest share increase of all worker ages.

They defined the generation as those born between 1981 and 2000. That population now makes up the largest share of the workforce at 56.3 million people, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Researchers found that many of the positions in the subset were newly created in the past half-decade.

Eight of the 10 jobs are STEM-focused, but liberal arts graduates can find their niche as social media managers or advertising account executives.

While CareerCast did not rank the jobs, Forbes' Susan Adams listed them in order of median annual salary.

1. Data scientist, $124,100

2. Advertising account executive, $115,800

3. Software engineer, $93,400

4. Physical therapist, $79,900

5. Computer systems analyst, $79,700

6. Civil engineer, $79,300

7. Statistician, $75,600

8. Financial planner, $67,500

9. Market research analyst, $60,300

10. Social media manager, $46,200 (Adams, Forbes, 6/17).

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