Around the industry: Berkeley balcony collapse could lead to manslaughter charges

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  • California: The balcony collapse in Berkeley that killed six students could result in manslaughter charges, prosecutors said Thursday, announcing they would open a criminal investigation into the collapse. The announcement came after city inspectors discovered that the balcony was supported by beams that had been badly damaged by moisture (Elias, AP/U.S. News & World Report, 6/25).
  • Missouri: The incoming class of Washington University in St. Louis will be one of its most diverse—just one year after the school faced intense public scrutiny about its lack of diversity, officials reported Friday. The school projects an increase in black and Hispanic enrollment, up to a combined 18% of the incoming class. But officials also say they have boosted economic diversity, increasing the school's enrollment of low-income students by three percentage points (Addo, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 6/28).
  • Virginia: The new leaders of Sweet Briar College are expected to take over this week after bringing the school back from the brink of closure. Leaders of Saving Sweet Briar, Inc. announced Friday they had collected the $2.5 million payment that was agreed on for keeping the school open. On July 2, resignations of the current president and board become effective and the 18 new approved members will take over (Pounds, News & Advance, 6/27).

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