Millennials to older generations: We are just like you

Our 'values are American values'

Technology—not a generational shift—is driving consumer and sociological change, writes Millennial Danny Crichton in a post for TechCrunch.

An entire industry has sprung up around researching Millennials and their preferences. But the effort is misguided, Crichton argues, because they are not so unique as they seem.

"If it wasn't clear already, Millennial values are American values," he writes, pointing to the recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings on housing discrimination, same-sex marriage, and health care as examples.

"Millennials are a figment of our imagination, a delusion of marketers and others who believe that the changes in our society are only applicable to a narrow group of people rather than our whole population," Crichton argues.

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Instead, technological advances are creating the change, he says.

People describe Millennials as "more 'socially conscious' than any other generation," but people—of all ages—today also have far more channels for staying connected to global news and opinions.

"How can you watch harm happening and not feel some desire to ameliorate it? This is not a millennial thing, but rather a human impulse," he writes.

Knowledge makes people care more, Crichton argues. "If ignorance is bliss, then technology has made us permanently anxious to fix every problem," he says.

That, combined with the American value of entrepreneurship, has led to a boom in small businesses and organizations.

"Technology has given us more awareness and choice than ever before," he says, and while Millennials are most native to technology, "everyone else is quickly coming on board" (Crichton, TechCrunch, 6/27).

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