Around the industry: Black bear unwelcome guest at college party

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  • Pennsylvania: A black bear frightened several people when it crashed a student party near Lehigh University, but no one was injured. Officials say a tracking tattoo on the bear indicates it came from New Jersey, but they are not yet sure where the bear will be released (AP/U.S. News & World Report, 6/27).
  • Nevada: The Nevada System of Higher Education allegedly suppressed a critical report they commissioned from the Colorado-based National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, according to an investigation by the Las Vegas Journal-Review. The newspaper obtained emails between state higher education leaders—one of whom suggested using only "what we like" from the report and tossing out the rest (Barnes, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/27).
  • Washington: Tuition will be cut at the state's colleges and universities after a two-year budget was approved by legislators Monday. The tuition cuts vary from 15% to 20% by institution and will be phased in gradually over the next two years. The budget also raises teacher pay and adjusts some tax exemptions (O'Sullivan/Long, Seattle Times, 6/29).

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