Around the industry: Dozens of employees laid off at Drexel

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  • Illinois: After discovering anti-Semitic and racist graffiti on campus for the fourth time in two months, officials at Northwestern University have asked the FBI to help them investigate what they are classifying as a hate crime. Most recently, a swastika and other offensive graffiti were found on June 19 etched in the dirt of a field where a graduation ceremony would be held later in the day. A university official says the university police and FBI are currently trying to determine if there is a connection between the four incidents (Cox, Chicago Tribune, 6/29).
  • Pennsylvania: "Several dozen" staff members have been laid off from Drexel University after a new admissions policy resulted in a freshman class 5% smaller than the previous year's. No faculty members were laid off. Officials say the move, along with other cuts, will save the school $18 million. Although smaller, the incoming class boasts higher SAT scores and high school GPAs (Snyder, Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/1).
  • Virginia: A men's swimmer at the University of Virginia (UVA) has filed a lawsuit against five former teammates, accusing them of "systemic, threatening, degrading, humiliating, and violent hazing." Anthony Marcantonio reported the hazing to UVA administrators, who investigated his allegations and suspended the five students (WTOP/ABC Radio, 6/30).

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