Around the industry: Resurrected for now, Sweet Briar names a new president

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  • New York: A graduate student at Fordham University is suing the school for requiring her to submit her complete mental health record in order to return from a leave of absence. A university spokesperson says the institution followed its standard policy throughout the student's case and has complied with the Office of Civil Rights investigation (Virtanen, AP/KOB 4, 7/3).
  • Virginia: The resuscitated Sweet Briar College named Phillip Stone as its new president Thursday. Stone has previously served as president of Bridgewater College. Stone says his priorities include getting to know the culture and the students, maintaining a full staff, and increasing enrollment within the next few years. However, he says he does not plan to shift to co-education at this time (Dix, Lynchburg News & Advance, 7/3).
  • Washington: A state budget agreement that will allow colleges to cut tuition up to 20% will be funded in large part by raising taxes, particularly on one company: Microsoft. However, the company's general counsel told the Seattle Times in March that it would be "comfortable" paying more in taxes, especially for education and transportation, calling the cost an "investment" (Guo, "GovBeat," Washington Post, 7/2).

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