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Kristin Tyndall, associate editor

With EAB attending our firmwide meeting this week, the EAB Daily Briefing is sending two special editions that round up your favorite stories—one issue that focuses on higher education strategy, and another focused on succeeding in the workplace.

Today's stories focus on your favorite tips for being more productive and effective at work. We've chosen them because you read them, you shared them on social media, and you told us they were important.

11 things not to say in a presentation. Losing a crowd is much easier than winning them over. Don't let these small phrases undermine the hard work you put into preparing for your big speech.

How to spot emotionally intelligent people in an interview. Multiple studies have shown that emotional intelligence plays a bigger role than IQ in long-term success, and it can be especially important for roles in higher education administration. One expert offers four tips for identifying candidates with high emotional intelligence during the hiring process.

Five work habits of productive and happy people. Little adjustments to your workflow can have a big impact on reducing your stress and improving your efficiency. One tip that may surprise you: there is such a thing as being too positive.

What to do when your office is too cold (or too hot). Do sweat the small stuff—small environmental changes can affect student learning and staff productivity. These recommendations from a NASA leader can help you stay comfortable so you can focus on doing your best work.

The best way to end meetings. Learning how to end a meeting is essential to learning how to run them more efficiently. Ending a meeting at the right time and in the right way maximizes their impact, says one management expert.

Your team is overworked and overwhelmed. Here's how to lessen the load. Many staff members are being asked to do more with less as colleges feel the impact of financial challenges moving through the higher education industry. Here are six ways leaders can help their employees find balance and avoid burnout.

Seven strategies for maximizing energy during the workday. Maintaining your concentration across the afternoon can be difficult, but there are common-sense changes you can make to feel more energized all day—and none of them involve drinking more coffee.

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