The Chronicle names 86 colleges as best places to work

About half given special Honor Roll recognition

An annual survey of college staff and faculty members identifies 86 institutions as great employers based on qualities such as collaborative governance and job satisfaction.

The Great Colleges to Work For program, which conducts the survey, is a partnership between the Chronicle of Higher Education and ModernThink LLC. This year, 281 institutions applied for recognition—but only 86 were honored as great places to work.

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The survey included more than 43,500 people at a variety of institutions, including public, private, and two-year colleges. Respondents included a mix of faculty members, professional staff members, administrators, and nonexempt employees.

ModernThink based the survey questions on those it uses for 55 other "Best Places to Work" programs and consulted a panel of industry experts to customize the survey for higher education.

Questions asked participants about certain institutional characteristics, workplace policies, and demographic data. The top 10 schools—broken down by type and size—in each of 12 categories were then recognized for four-year institutions.

Female managers are more engaged, and their employees are, too

Of the 86 schools on the list, 42 were given special "Honor Roll" recognition for succeeding in several categories.

A handful of four-year institutions achieved recognition in 11—or all 12—of their survey categories. These were:

  • Baylor University (11);
  • Duke University (11);
  • University of Michigan at Ann Arbor (11); and
  • Texas Christian University (12).

The most-recognized two-year colleges were Santiago Canyon College, Morgan Community College, and Panola College, which were all honored in 10 of 11 eligible categories.

Secret to success

Researchers identified that they key difference between Honor Roll institutions and unrecognized institutions was having a positive culture based on capable leaders, clear communication, respect, and alignment of mission and resources ("Academic Workplace 2015," Chronicle of Higher Education, accessed 7/20).

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