Around the industry: 'Very aggressive' wild turkey terrorizes campus

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  • Florida: Many adjunct faculty at Florida SouthWestern State College will see a pay cut—while full-time faculty and staff members get a 2% raise overall. Furthermore, adjunct payments will be based on a flat fee, rather than a sliding scale according to education level. The college faced a $3 million deficit before making these and other budget adjustments (Smith, Inside Higher Ed, 7/29).
  • Indiana: While tuition has been frozen for four years, Purdue University has enrolled 1,228 fewer in-state undergraduate students and 336 more out-of-state and international students, according to research by the Journal & Courier. Purdue's total student body is now 52% non-resident and includes the most international students of any public university nationwide (Paul, Lafayette Journal & Courier, 8/3).
  • Michigan: A "very aggressive" wild turkey has been plaguing the University of Michigan for weeks, campus police say. The turkey has cornered people and also tends to lay down in the road, creating a traffic obstacle, according to police. Students have taken a liking to the bird, dubbing him "Gobbles" and posting photos of him across social media. Campus police are working with campus pest control to contain and move the bird (Freed, Ann Arbor News, 7/30).

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