Around the industry: Vanderbilt football apologizes for 'We don't need your permission!' tweet

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  • California: Several community colleges have partnered with four prisons to provide higher education to inmates in the wake of a program expanding Pell grants to prisoners. Courses will focus on entrepreneurship and business, and participants will have the opportunity to earn an associate degree in liberal arts (Rivera, Los Angeles Times, 8/5).
  • Ohio: The University of Akron is taking heat for spending $951,000 to renovate the president's home—and a $556.40 olive jar has become a focal point. The olive jar now boasts its own satirical Facebook and Twitter accounts. However, university officials say that the renovations were paid for by an endowment specifically earmarked to be used on the president's home (Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed, 8/7).
  • Tennessee: The Vanderbilt University football team is apologizing for a tweet declaring "We don't need your permission!" that ignited controversy last Thursday. Four former team members face trials for their involvement in an alleged rape. The team deleted the tweet and reiterated that "sexual assault is not acceptable" at the school, athletics department, or football team (Thomason, "The Ticker," Chronicle of Higher Education, 8/6).

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