Extra Credit: Are you smarter than a third-grader?

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President Obama assigned himself 52 hours of summer reading. The White House has released the president's official summer reading list, and the Washington Post's Philip Bump calculates how long it would theoretically take the president to read all six of the books.

Silicon Valley has dollars—but no sense. We've launched a podcast for the other Daily Briefing (the one focused on health care), and our new episode focuses on the role of venture capital in transforming the health care industry. If you're interested in health care business and policy, take a listen!

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If you want to keep up with your students, switch from "LOL" to a laughing emoji. A study by Facebook found that only about 2% of users still default to "LOL" to convey laughter—and those users had the highest median age in the study, too. The most popular way to express laughing was "haha," relied on by 51% of users. That group, and people who use emojis, had the youngest median ages. However, "LOL" still maintains a strong following in the South.

Are you smarter than New York State's third-graders? This week, the New York Times published a few questions from the state's standardized tests, considered among the most difficult in the nation—only 31% of third-graders passed the reading test last year. The questions touched off a dialogue about high-stakes testing, as teachers say the test made kids cry, feel sick, and literally bang their heads in frustration.

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