Around the industry: Two Title IX investigations at one university

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  • Kansas: The University of Kansas (KU) faces two simultaneous Title IX investigations concerning how it handled a pair of related sexual assault cases. In both cases, the same woman accused the same man of sexual assault—and the school's finding in one case relied, in part, on its finding in the other. In addition to these investigations, KU also faces monitoring from the Department of Education to ensure it is abiding by the terms of a separate case closed in 2012 (Kingkade, Huffington Post, 8/13).
  • Ohio: The University of Akron has partnered with the LeBron James Family Foundation to establish scholarships for as many as 2,300 local students in James' I PROMISE program. The scholarships will cover tuition and general fees for all four years for students who meet GPA, attendance, and other yet-to-be-determined requirements (Schleis, Akron Beacon Journal, 8/13).
  • Pennsylvania: Temple University is taking steps to improve the school's handling of sexual assault on campus, President Neil Theobald announced Thursday. So far, the university has launched a new website for reporting incidents, updated its code of conduct, and hired a retired judge with specialized experience in sexual assault cases to conduct some hearings (Graham, Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/14).

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